Arco Intl

ContainerArco International Trading Corporation is a trading house focusing its sales activities of industrial machinery, equipment, spare part, raw materials and services, mainly from US-origin, on the Brazilian market.

Arco was founded at the end of 2008 in Doral, FL and moved in February 2013 to Weston, FL. Its main shareholder is PML Petersen Matex Imp.  e Exp. Ltda (PML). PML operates since 1922 in Brazil and its headquarters is located in the city of São Paulo, the country’s most important financial and industrial center. Due to its longs year of activity, PML has an excellent access to the Brazilian textile, packaging, fertilizer, chemical, mining, aluminum,  copper, steel and shipbuilding industry.



Therefore, through its strong connections in Brazil, Arco grants US-companies and their products access to thegrowing and promising Brazilian market and offers them the chance to establish long terms trade relations with the Brazilian industry. On the other side, we support our Brazilian costumers on product and service procurement, delivering them with high quality products and services from worldwide suppliers.

Last but not least Arco also structures financial solutions for Brazilian importers of equipments, spare parts and raw materials. As a arch join two dots, Arco connects the United States and Brazil fostering their trade relations and economic growth.

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